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Feed Medical Lake is returning to meals on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month; HOWEVER, the meals will continue to be grab-and-go. THEREFORE, the grab-and-go meals in November will be the 9th and the 23rd from 11am to 12:30pm both days. If volunteers must stay inside because of cold/wet weather, a sign will be on the door saying "HONK for Feed Medical Lake." Your meal will be brought to you. IF there are groceries to be distributed, you'll be given a list of what is available and those, too, will be brought to you. We are trying to return to sit-down meals again but don't have all our ducks in a row for that just yet. IF/WHEN we are able to bring everyone inside again, a notice will be posted here on our web site. If you have questions, please call Joanna at 509-714-1150 or email us Info@FeedMedicalLake.Org Thank you. (Posted 11/03/20)


Feed Medical Lake is in need of a volunteer who can lift up to 50 pounds and is available once a week (Wednesday) from about 9:45 am to 11:30 am to pick up a food donation in Spokane and deliver it (unload) to Feed Medical Lake (St. John's Lutheran Church in Medical Lake.). If you are interested, please call Joanna at 509-714-1150, or email us Info@FeedMedicalLake.Org Thank you. (Posted 09/04/20)

Tips on the Novel Corona Virus (Covid‐19)

Symptoms: fever; dry cough (after 2-7 days); mild breathing difficulty; GI issues.

It is spread by sneezing and coughing; close personal contact (about 6'); touching; shaking hands; touching surfaces with the virus on them and then touching mouth, nose or eyes before washing your hands.

Best prevention is to wash hands often and use hand sanitizer; do not use gloves; use tissue to touch face; call your primary care physician before going to urgent care or ER. Do not go to work if sick. This virus especially attacks the elderly and those who are immune-compromised. Call your elderly or ill relatives, friends, and neighbors and check on them, Urge them to call their primary care physician for instructions if having symptoms.

Use proper hand washing technique and do not scrimp: Hot water and soap. Wash hands for 22 seconds (sing Happy Birthday twice and don't rush it). Rinse. Dry with single-use towels. Use that towel to turn off the water, turn the door knob and turn out the light then toss into the trash can.

As of 03/05 Gov. Inslee is asking community gatherings to shut down. This is optional at this point. We will serve March 9 as usual. We will, until further directive from the Governor or Spokane Regional Health District (SRHD), serve all subsequent meals via take out until it is safe to reopen the meals. The take out meals will be prepared. Clients will come to the side door at the front of the church and be registered as usual. Once registered the meal will be handed to the client who will then return home. Going through the grocery area, clients will tell volunteers what they want and the volunteers will bag the groceries and hand them to the client. Only a few clients will be admitted at a time to prevent, as far as possible, personal contact with other shoppers.

To further protect us and our clients, we will immediately begin the use of individual packets of salt, pepper, sugar, Splenda, butter, and creamer. We will also serve the beverages (no waiting on self). All safe food handling practices will be followed (no exceptions): hair nets, frequent hand washing, using food service gloves and changing them according to State guidelines, tongs, etc.

IF we are ordered to suspend meals until after this crisis is over, you will receive notice via the Cheney Free Press and posters in such places as the library, Lake's Harvest Foods, Cela's Early Learning Center; Care & Share; the Medical Lake Food Bank, Bruchi's, Tommy G's, Hearthstone, the Medical Lake Library, the post office, etc. Once we can reopen, notice will be shared the same way.

For your personal protection, have on hand at home: a 2-week supply of food and water, 1 month diapers for babies, soaps (hand, bath, laundry, etc.), 2-weeks of medicine, and find out if your insurance covers the cost of the test for Covid-19.

Above all: Do not panic but be pro-active and follow cautionary protocol.

FREE Cooking/Food Safety Class HAS BEEN CANCELED!!

Has been CANCELED DUE TO the CORONA VIRUS!! We will come back when we can. Call Joanna Williams at 509-714-1150


Feed Medical Lake is a non-profit organization founded June 2011 by Joanna Williams. In order to feed all hungry people regardless of faith, ethnicity, creed, age or income. Also get a yummy hot cooked meal and receive a bag of groceries completely FREE OF CHARGE to all!! Meals are served cafeteria style and everyone has an opportunity to participate in games, door prizes, and special events.

Non-profit, FREE meal program
Dinner & Groceries 2nd Monday each month
5-6 pm Lunch 4th Monday each month 11:30 am to 12:30 pm

The when and where information:

  2nd MONDAY EACH MONTH - FREE GROCERIES 4:15PM and FREE DINNER AT 5-6PM. (see calendar section)

  4th MONDAY EACH MONTH - FREE LUNCH 11:30AM - 12:30PM (see calendar section).

Click Here to Contact US here for more Information.

(No proof of income required - EVERYONE IS WELCOME!!)

This is our local food give away we have every month (items are limited on hand), you get a bag of food to take home. While your here enjoy a FREE fine dine-in meal you have at our place!! Join us on our next meal.

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